Our Story


Ocooch Mountains are the centuries old name for the unglaciated territory of southwest Wisconsin, northeast Iowa, and southeast Minnesota. Once the home of several Native American tribes that christened the mountains and summer camped the deep and scenic valleys, the area is now commonly known as the Driftless Region and is home to hundreds of small farms, artists, and musicians.

Ocooch Mountain Music promotes, manages, and produces artists. Ocooch Mountain Sessions are recorded live, in-studio, and on location in the Upper Mississippi River Valley.

Parker Forsell and Pete Engen met while working the produce department of the People’s Food Coop in La Crosse in the early 1990s and did their first shows in their garage while living together in Westby, WI in the late 1990’s. Both spent time rambling the wild country of the western U.S. (Colorado, California, Arizona), before discovering what most of us now know – the Midwest is best.

Engen and Forsell hope that experience and friendship will help bring together the best of what they both have learned over the past few years while enjoying collaborations and music business relationships with hundreds of musicians, artists, promoters, and organizers throughout the Upper Midwest and points both east and west of the mighty Mississippi River.

One thing that helps guide and ground the work is the amazing stretch of country where we live – the Driftless Region of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. With a great group of friends and ever-growing companions we hope to help many of you to make beautiful music and enjoy the midwest hospitality while visiting the area.

Ocooch Mountain Music has a lead role in organizing Mid West Music Fest, has producer credits for recordings by Mike Munson, Jaybone Bell, Jaybone Bell & Restless Light and The Latsch Sessions, as part of Boats and Bluegrass in Winona, MN.

Ocooch Mountain Music also secures talent and offers assistance in organizing events for organizations and businesses through out the region.

Photo by: Ben Steinquist